North Main Building - Malvern, AR

At the North Main Church of Christ you will find friendly people, who will greet you warmly. Our worship service is simple, reverent, and sincere. The atmosphere is neither ritualistic nor overly emotional, but establishes an environment in which the message of God to mankind motivates us to return His love and gladly serve Him. The acts of worship in which we engage are based solely on the Scriptures (John 4:24), and our Bible classes encourage an open discussion of God’s Word and its application to modern day problems. We are simply a group of God’s people who adhere to the “old paths” (Jeremiah 6:16), and who will speak where the Bible speaks and will be silent where the Bible is silent (1 Peter 4:11).

Our service times are as follows:
Sunday Morning Bible Classes - 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship - 10:30 AM
Sunday Evening Worship - 6:00 PM

Wednesday Evening Bible Study - 7:00 PM

Our office hours are sporadic, but you can always contact us Tuesday's and Wednesday's. We have a secretary in the office between 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

501-332-2273 - Office Number

Email -

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